American Heart Association Blended eLearning Online Classes

Elearning CPR Classes by the AHA

This guide will explain everything you need to know about the American Heart Association Blended eLearning courses.

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Fraud Alert
Unfortunately, every day, people are scammed in the Bay Area by out of state “Online CPR Websites”.  These online cpr websites are designed to trick people into thinking they are the American Heart Association. They use tricky slogans like:

  • “We follow American Heart Association guidelines”
  • “Our program exceeds American Heart Association standards”
  • “AHA standards are used in the training”
  • “Get your online card in 5 minutes, no boring practice sessions.”
However, they do not issue an official certification card. You take their “class”, by paying $60 and then printing out a card on your home computer. Here are some reasons why this is not a good idea:
  • You would not be learning the skills. The online classes do not offer any practice with an instructor.
  • The card you receive would not be accepted for any type of job.
  • You may be suspended from work for not having the official AHA certification card.
Warn your friends and coworkers about this latest internet scam. Or read more about fraudulent online CPR Classes.

Blended eLearning Classes Are Valid!

The American Heart Association has developed blended eLearning courses. These courses are composed of an online training and testing portion along with a practice session and skills testing session with an authorized American Heart Association instructor. After completing all portions, the student will receive the official American Heart Association certification card that is valid for two years. The card is the exact same one as if you took the full classroom session.
Online BLS AHA card

Sample BLS certification card

How this process works

  1. Register and take the AHA Blended eLearning course (start and stop as needed).
  2. Attend a 1 hour skills testing session with a local American Heart Association instructor.
  3. Receive the official American Heart Association card on the day of your class.
Online CPR AHA class in San Jose

How do I register?

Safety Training Seminars is an official American Heart Association Training Center and we offer these AHA online blended eLearning classes on just about every day of the week. Here is a guide that will help you find a class fast. We offer these courses in Rancho Cordova, Concord, Manteca, San Francisco, San Jose, Redwood City, Berkeley, and Dublin.

AHA Classes for Medical Professionals in Concord

ACLS $260 – Register Now

PALS $260 – Register Now (Offered in Berkeley, San Jose, and SF)

BLS  $102 Call or text us to register: 415-218-1330. We are available during the week for skills testing.


I have not taken the online portion yet and I would prefer to take the regular BLS Class. 
You can register here: BLS CPR Classes 

AHA Classes for General Public

We offer the skills testing for Heartsaver CPR AED or Heartsaver First-aid CPR AED in our Concord office during the week by appointment. Call or text us: 415-218-1330  to arrange a time.

Heartsaver CPR AED skills testing: $70

Heartsaver First-aid CPR AED skills testing: $100

Or call us for more information: 415-218-1330