What is the difference between CPR Renewal and CPR Certification?

AHA BLS Renewal Classes

One of the most frequent questions we receive is the difference between a CPR renewal and CPR initial training course. There are a lot of terms that are used for CPR training such as recertification, renewal, retraining, and update.

BLS Renewal Classes

The course length for the American Heart Association BLS for the Healthcare Provider course is about 3 hours. If you are renewing your BLS card or if you are taking the course for the first time, the course length is the same. These BLS renewal courses are offered in the Stockton/Manteca area about 2 times per week.
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Heartsaver CPR AED Course

This American Heart Association CPR course is 3 hours long and there is no difference between taking the course for the first time or if you are renewing your card. The AHA CPR class is taught in Manteca, CA.
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EMSA Approved Pediatric First-aid CPR AED Class

This American Heart Association CPR and First-aid course is designed specifically for child care providers in San Joaquin County. State law requires this course to be 8 hours long, Even if you are renewing, the course is 8 hours long. Emergency Medical Services Authority, which licenses child care centers in the Central Valley, has issued a Fraud Alert about shortened classes.
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