Stockton/Manteca EMSA Pediatric First-aid Classes

EMSA Pediatric First-aid in San Mateo County

Do you work in a child care center in Stockton, Manteca, Modesto or anywhere else in Central Valley? Do you own a family child care in your home? Or are you a foster care parent or want to become a foster care parent? Then you must have CPR, First-aid, and Health and Safety certifications according to state law. Manteca CPR Classes teaches these courses and our license number 0204-DC

What is the 16 hour Law (AB243)?
The 16 hours refers to 3 classes which are required for child care providers: 8 Hours of pediatric first-aid & CPR, and 8 Hours of Health and Safety. This adds up to the 16 hours of training that is required.

If I need to renew, can my course be shorter?
No. According to state law and Emergency Medical Services Authority, the CPR & First-aid class must be 8 hours long. Renewal or first time class is 8 hours.

I have seen some places that offer this class in less than 8 hours. 
That is true. There are some companies in San Joaquin County that offer this course in less than 8 hours. Unfortunately, those courses are not official EMSA certified CPR and First-aid courses and those people are breaking the law. When Community Care Licensing comes out to your center for inspection, they will see that the card is not accepted and you would have to take the class again. It is fun taking a CPR Class, but I am sure you would not want to take a CPR and First-aid course two times and pay for it two times.


What should I do if I took a unauthorized class?
1. Call us. We can help you get the proper certification. 209-817-8464
2. Call EMSA to file a complaint with the child care division.
3. Call your local law enforcement to report this fraud.

How do I know Safety Training Seminars is accepted by EMSA?
1. You can call EMSA in Sacramento to confirm that our license is current.
2. You can view the EMSA’s child care website for approved vendors.
3. Or you can see our license below. Our license number os 0204-DC
4. You can call the Better Business Bureau of Central Valley or Chamber of Chamber of Commerce

Questions: Ask us: 209-817-8464 or send us an email