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Don’t get scammed! Take the correct CPR class.

There are many companies that will provide a fake CPR certification, usually they offer the CPR class online for a cheap price.

How to know that is a fake class?BLS Renewal CPR Classes
They will say that is 100% online and do not require any type of skills testing.
Offer money back guarantee if card is not accepted. (They already know the card is not accepted, but good luck getting your money back.)

They can also say that your CPR card if Life Time!

There are even some online CPR training schools who offer a life time CPR certification card. Really? It does sound convenient to pay $199 for an online CPR certification card that will never expire. However, this is a scam. Please take an official American Heart Association or American Red Cross certification class and you will receive a card that is valid for two years.

Don’t get scammed by fake CPR companies that only want your money. As an American Heart Association Training Center, we are listed in their website.

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