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CPR: Facts and Trivia

By J. A. Young

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CPR is an essential life-saving set of procedures that requires some training. Anyone can learn CPR and many places are actually encouraging students in elementary schools to learn it. Some countries even require CPR training as a graduation requirement. While training will cover the basics of CPR, there are actually many changes that have taken place in its history. The following trivia and facts will give you some additional information to know about this important medical intervention with the power to save lives.

Family Considerations
According to the American Heart Association, four out of five incidents of cardiac arrest happen when the sufferer is at home. Consequently, people who train for CPR may, in fact, do their own family good by learning the procedures.

Increasing the Odds of Survival
Experts say that a person’s chance of survival goes up by half if they are given CPR.

History’s Perspective
Modern CPR was invented in 1960. However, its development stretches back to the sixteenth century.

Dogs Need CPR Too
Many headlines associated with CPR are surprisingly about animals. CPR practitioners that have been in the right place at the right time have been able to use their skills to save the lives of suffering animals like dogs, cats, birds, and even a young tiger.

Too Busy to Learn CPR?
Many people feel as though they simply don’t have the time to learn CPR and put off taking the life-saving course. Today CPR training is available online so anyone with a decent internet connection (a good enough connection to stream video and download some course material) can obtain this important information and learn the techniques from the comfort of their own home. But be careful, online courses are not valid for certification unless it is combined with skills testing with an American Heart Association CPR instructor.

CPR is Affordable
Becoming certified at CPR is not a great expense. In fact, many areas offer free CPR training to community members as a public service. Anyone interested in learning CPR can check with the American Heart Association which may list classes in your area. Also check with the local community center or office for information about CPR training. Area community colleges, hospitals, and local organizations may also sponsor the training at free or inexpensive costs. If you are looking for a CPR Class in Manteca, there are courses offered on weekends and evenings.

Many groups are now promoting hands-only CPR as a life-saving method. Some people have expressed discomfort regarding the mouth-to-mouth method. Luckily, research has shown the hands-only approach to be viable at least in situations where emergency help can get to the scene soon. In rural or remote areas where response times lag, traditional CPR employing the mouth-to-mouth technique is still preferred to give the patient the best chance at life.

The more people that learn CPR and then continue to stay up-to-date with the procedures, the better chance we have as a population to see survival rates associated with CPR increase. For those that know the procedure, staying up to date with tidbits like some of these or just revisiting old training materials can help keep the procedure fresh in one’s mind so that you’ll be ready to help if the situation ever arises.

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